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Jack Beats! Jack Beats! Jack Beats!

If you are looking for entertainment at a reasonable price, rest assured that you have come to the right place. We acknowledge that a DJ can either make or break a party and we strive to ensure that you put on an event that people will adore.

Who are we?

Allow us to give you a brief description of who we are. We are Jack Miller and Jack Davis, two professional DJs who are all about good music, hence the name Jack Beats. We provide DJ services in events such as birthday parties, corporate events, weddings and all other occasions at a fair price. We have a small set-up, on purpose, of course, to ensure that we can offer high-quality services where we are needed. And if you look up our reputation, you will find that our clients are pleased with what we bring to the table. We ensure that we put your needs first and we work with you throughout the entire event to make sure that the music and set-up we bring is to your liking. Trust us, your event will be all about you.

Jack Miller and Jack Davis

Why pick us?

Focus on the clients

We have a small set-up which allows us to focus on our clients. Once you book us for an event, we make you our priority such that all decisions from that point onwards gear towards ensuring that your event is a success. Given that we are two, we make decisions fast, so you can forget about that long line of communication which often hampers decision-making in big companies. We are fast, but this does not in any way affect our efficiency which you will see when the big day arrives.

We are flexible

The thing that is important to clients across the globe, we are flexible. It can be quite challenging to get your idea across to a DJ who is pretty strict on what they offer. We have sit-downs with our clients where you get to express your needs and your vision so that we do not get in the way of the big picture. Whatever you want from us regarding music, we will do, and you will feel as if you’re the one on the decks running everything.

Keep you informed

Though we bring a lot of fun to the event, we ensure that we remain professional in all our dealings. That means that we will keep you informed on everything that we have planned for the event to ensure that you do not get any surprises on your big day. It also means that we will ensure that we communicate in the right manner and that the payments, contracts and all other factors essential to the event will get handled with utmost professionalism.

Respect our clients

Another thing that our clients appreciate is the way in which we present ourselves. Yes, while we do like dressing up and keeping up with trends, we will not show up in informal attire to a formal event. We respect our clients and their events enough to know that we should not be an eyesore to what would otherwise be an impeccable celebration. If you do have a dress code, be sure to let us know, and we will adhere without fail. And even where there is none, we will be sure to dress in a manner that is in line with the theme of the day.

Our gear is neatly packed and clean

That means that you won’t cringe each time you look our way as the entire set-up will look like it belongs to the event. We also realize that things can go wrong during events and we make sure to have backup equipment in case we end up needing it. Have you been to a party in time only to find that the DJ was yet to finish the testing? Well, this will not be the case with us as we handle the checks early on before the event kicks off. As your guests trickle into the venue, they will enjoy the sounds from our deck.


Yes, we have it. If something goes wrong during the event through a fault that is ours, we will be sure to take responsibility for it and make the necessary amends. You will find this stipulated in our contract, something that can put your mind at ease as you approach the event.

Highly versatile

We are highly versatile in our deejaying. One minute we will be catering to a wedding and playing love songs and the next, we will be blasting some pop songs at a 21st birthday party. We have no qualms with changing from one style to the other, and we ensure that the transitions blend in smoothly. Whatever you want, we have got your back, and we will be sure to get the mood right from the beginning up till when the last guest leaves. And trust us, they will not want to go anywhere as we will bring much more than music to the table.


One of the things that our clients love is how pocket-friendly our services are. You get to enjoy high-quality services at a price that easily fits into your budget. And we bring our gear which ensures that you don’t need to spend more money on hiring equipment.


We look forward to working with you and helping you bring your vision to life. With us, the focus is on what you want, and you can relax and enjoy the party with your guests. Whether you wish to book us for a birthday, corporate event, wedding or another party, we have got what you need. Contact us today for more information, and we’ll get you set up in no time!