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At Jack Beats, we work on transforming your inspiration into an unforgettable experience by taking your personality and infusing it with our skills. If you’re looking for something epic, trust that we will deliver it to you! We will work with you from the beginning to the end to ensure that all stages of the event go by smoothly. From when the first guest steps onto the venue up till the moment you say your goodbyes, we will have tunes playing to keep everyone happy and in the mood for a dance.

Our packages offer class, professionalism, and fun for guests of all ages. Here are some of the available options:


Standard bridal package

This package comprises standard wedding requirements, and we will play at your reception only. We will provide a soundtrack which we will play in one location. Included in this package is the audio equipment that we will have in place to cater for up to 250 people. We also bring in wireless microphones. The pricing covers all the consultations that we will have before the event, the planning of the music program as well as working with your other vendors.

Playing for five hours costs $1600, five and a half hours costs $1700, six hours costs $1900, and for six and a half hours, we will charge you $2000. Any modifications to the package can lead to further costs on which we will be sure to advise you.

Bronze bridal package

This package works best if you plan on having your event in two separate locations. It caters for the reception and the ceremony or the reception and the cocktail hour. We avail our services in the two sites. The package is pretty much the same as you would get in the standard setting, only that you are getting the services in two locations. The audio equipment caters for 250 guests, and the price covers wireless microphones, planning the music program, all appointments leading to the event as well as coordination with other vendors.

The charges are $1700 for five hours, $1850 for five and a half hours, and $2000 for six hours and $2150 for six and a half hours. Any changes to the stipulated services could arise in a price adjustment.


Standard Corporate Package

In this set-up, we will provide audio equipment that can entertain up to 250 guests in one location. Included in the package are the consultations, coordination with other vendors, wireless microphones and planning the music program. Additionally, we provide programs for the activities for the day such as strategy and mind games to make the event lively.

For this set-up, we have a four-hour rate of $1700 and a five-hour rate of $2100. You are free to customize the music as you wish.

Standard family event package

This package includes activities and games that are suitable for all ages, as well as entertaining music for the duration of the event. We include sound systems that can entertain up to 250 guests in one location, coordination with other vendors and access to the music program in the pricing.

For four hours, you pay $1,500, and for five hours, you pay $1800. We can play for added time on an agreed fee per hour.


Standard Kids Interactive Party

This package works for kids aged ten and below, and it features a sound system that can entertain 250 guests, lots of activities and prizes. We also provide party favours such as inflatable guitars and sunglasses upon request. The cost of this package for five hours is $800. We can adjust the price based on your requirements.


For all the above packages, you get to have as many consultation sessions as you like, as well as unlimited announcements and song selection. You can also access the music program as well as our music library which boasts of tens of thousands of songs. The sound systems in place work for both indoor and outdoor settings and we will be sure to check out the venue to know what works best for you. We also bring in backup equipment and wireless microphone for the speakers. We do not charge for the set-up and tear-down activities and the time taken during these processes does not get subtracted from the time stipulated in the pricing. We are open to making other inclusions that you deem necessary for the event.

You can count on Jack Beats for the ultimate professional experience. Contact us today for more details on other packages.

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