Top questions to ask your Dj

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When planning a successful event, it all comes down to choosing the right vendors for all the services that you wish to have at the party. The selection process has to be thorough so that you can come up with a team that can work efficiently to realize your dream. One of the ways you can choose your vendors is by asking them the right questions before hiring them, more so when it comes to getting a professional DJ. The quality of entertainment offered can make your event the talk of the town in two ways; it can be crappy, or it can be impeccable. The result lies in the preliminary stages. Here are some of the most critical questions to ask your DJ before booking them.

Do you operate on contractual terms?

It is always important to have written agreements with your vendors. Here, you will stipulate the date of the event and what the DJ will provide and for how much. If a DJ does not operate based on contracts, you are better off searching for another person to provide the music.

Who will play at the event?

If you are dealing with a single DJ, you get to meet with them long before the event date. However, when you are dealing with a company that has many employees, it is best to ask to engage with the person who will play at your event. You can gauge how comfortable you are with their responses to your questions as well as their attitude towards the party. That’s the only way you can figure out if you’re dealing with a respectful person who can bring the fun to your event. If it’s not possible to engage with the DJ, look elsewhere.

Can you play my favourite songs?

You probably have some tunes that you are dying to have worked into the playlist. Let the DJ know that this is your preference. Though DJs love having control over what songs get played, you have the right to list songs that you want in the soundtrack as well as those that you don’t want in there. If they are not willing to do this, you can find someone who will.

How do you prevent breaks between songs?

Any DJ worth their salt will have high-quality equipment that allows them to mix songs into each other such that there are no pauses in between. If they cannot do this, then there isn’t much difference between hiring them and using an iPod. Also, if they plan on taking breaks during the event, get to know how they will ensure that the music plays seamlessly.

How do you handle requests?

Do they like taking requests or would they prefer to work with what they have? Find out how they handle guests’ requests and see whether it falls in line with what you want.

Do you emcee?

Parts of the event such as toasts and cutting of the cake require announcements to get people’s attention. Get to know whether they can step in as the emcee for the event or if they would rather someone else take on the job. You can get a loved one or the party planner to make the announcements in their stead if you feel that their style does not match what you want.

How many events do you play at each year?

It’s a great idea to find out whether the DJ you are considering has prior experience in the field to avoid any surprises on the event date. You should also find out if they are free on that date to avoid any scheduling conflicts.

Have you been to the venue site before?

If the DJ has been to the venue before, it will make things easier when it comes to the setup. If they have not been there, find out if they are willing to do a site visit before the event date to figure out what equipment they will need.

You should also look into how they handle guests, their music library, what equipment they use, their dressing and how they market their services at events. Requesting a video of them playing at an event will give you a feel of their style.

With these questions, you will have a clear idea of whether a DJ works for you or not. Good luck!