What makes hiring a professional DJ worth it?

Dj with earphones

Events are expensive, and unless you have been saving up for a while, you are probably thinking of ways in which you can cut down the costs. Thus, begs the question ‘Do you need to have a professional DJ? Is it worth it?’

The answer is yes. While it is true that it’s a good idea to stay within your budget by minimizing the costs, the one area that you wouldn’t want to gamble with is the music. Believe me you, the result will be what you paid for, and it could go south pretty fast. In the same way, you will not entrust your teen nephew to deal with the catering, do not delegate this task to someone without the required set skills. Here is why:


Most times, people make preparations way ahead of the event date. Today, you could ask your cool cousin to step in as the DJ for an event that is three months today only for the enthusiasm to die down a few weeks later. They could get a better gig or get sick or lose interest, and you would be in quite a fix. With a professional DJ, it is their passion, and they will not let anything get in the way as they have contingency plans in place.


While it may be fun to have a loved one take over the show and entertain everyone with relatable stories, it could quickly go the other way. One minute they could be on track and the next, they could get into stories that make people uncomfortable. Most event disasters stem from having an unprofessional DJ who does or says inappropriate things that end up ruining the party. Save yourself the discomfort and get a professional DJ who will be on their best behaviour throughout the event.


A professional DJ knows what song works for what occasion. As you dance to the tunes and mingle with the guests, you will notice the smooth transitions in the soundtrack. They are barely noticeable, but they affect the mood of the people in the room. Special moments have their tunes as do those when people are angling to show off how well they can dance. A pre-made soundtrack could have everyone feeling awkward by blasting out the wrong song at the wrong time.


Your cousin may know what music is trendy at the moment but how good are they with people? A DJ is not only the person in charge of the music, but they are also in charge of the atmosphere. They talk to the crowd and get them to dance as they set the mood for different styles of music. In the end, everyone gets to enjoy the event, and you too can get in the spirit and go with the flow. From fun dances to romantic sways, a professional will know what to do to get everyone dancing.


You may have tools in place, but how sure are you that it will be sufficient to blast sounds throughout the venue you have in mind? While the tools you have may be loud enough for your house, they may be inaudible in a room packed with hundreds of people. A professional DJ will know what they need for a given venue size, and they will also come prepared with extra tools, just in case something goes wrong. They will also have insurance for the equipment they bring such that you are not liable for any mishaps.

What’s more, a professional will dress the part and will not spend their time flirting with the guests, but rather their focus will be on getting everyone to dance. If you want to keep it classy, go the professional route, and you will not regret it.

Request time

Have you been to a party and you wanted the DJ to play a particular song, and they refused or had no idea who the musician was? Well, your guests will not face such challenges with a professional on the decks moving smoothly between the new and the old as they take in requests. You will be thankful for their extensive music library.