How to avoid wedding music disasters?

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Your big day is getting closer, and you cannot help but feel the jitters increasing by the day. You are right to feel this way as there is a lot that can go wrong during the ceremony, especially when it comes to entertainment. It could be that there are constant awkward silences as the DJ shuffles through their music library, trying to think of what to play next. Or the music could be all over the place such that one minute you are dancing to a pop song and the next, the DJ chooses a slow song that confuses everyone on the dance floor. You know that all eyes would be on you and you would barely get to enjoy your event. That is why you need to take some measures when preparing for your wedding.

Early booking

People often spend so much time finding the perfect venue, the dress they have always dreamed of, a wedding planner who gets them, and they end up forgetting about the entertainment. Putting off the search for a professional DJ for the later stages of the planning could have terrible results. First off, reputable DJs often get booked months and even a year ahead of time. That means that the more you delay when it comes to selection, the higher the chance that they will not be free for your big day. Work with your wedding planner and get a DJ early on to save yourself the stress that comes with last-minute preparations. As you book, be sure to see whether you and the DJ are on the same page as you could end up realizing that they are not a good fit for you when it is too late to make any changes, like on your wedding day.

Plan early

Having a set program for the day is essential as you will use this list to coordinate with all your vendors, including the DJ. Providing your DJ with the list allows them to plan their soundtracks around the given timeframes as they consult with the other teams. It is also essential for the DJ to have a contact list of the people you are working with such that they have someone to call if something goes wrong. Leaving them in the dark only amplifies the chances of things going wrong.

Cultivate trust

One of the things that you should do before booking a DJ is to find out how they operate. From here, the DJ will work on getting to know you as a couple as well as the story behind your wedding. This information comes in handy when it comes to song selections throughout the event. As long as you and your partner communicate with the DJ regarding your preferences, you can relax and enjoy the party. They will know when to incorporate your favourites and when to blend them with other songs to ensure that every guest gets to enjoy the event. While it may be great to provide a list of what you want to get played, it is best to leave it to the professional who can gauge what song works best for the current mood.

The Budget

You get what you pay for; this saying holds time and again as it does in this case. Most people plan their weddings on a budget, and when they get to entertainment; they reason that the cheapest services are the best solution. The problem with this is that you can end up settling for bad services that will taint the memory of your wedding. If you find that you cannot afford your choice DJ, or your venue cannot accommodate them, you could settle for a smaller package or search for another professional respectively. The key to finding a great DJ is keeping your options open and taking time in the selection.

With these steps in place, you can now focus on other wedding matters as you await your big day.